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Every Can Counts


Every Can Counts aims to help people to recycle the drinks cans they use when they are at work, college or just 'out and about'.

Every Can Counts help employees to recycle at work, they help students to recycle at college, they help to recycle cans at events like music festivals and at tourist attractions. Every Can Counts want to help anyone who wants to get their staff, customers or visitors to recycle drinks cans wherever they are.

Approximately 500,000,000 drinks cans are used in Ireland each year. The metal these cans are made from is endlessly recyclable, so it's important that it is saved rather than dumped. Especially when you consider that each can could be recycled and be back on sale as another can in just 60 days.

Every drinks can recycled cuts the carbon footprint of the next can made - so every can recycled really does count!

We might be in the habit of recycling at home, but it's not as easy to find recycling points when we're on the go. Every Can Counts has been developed by the drinks can manufacturing and recycling industry to help try and bridge that gap, increase the number of can recycling points and raise the recycling rate for can recycling.

Every Can Counts at Electric Picnic 2014

Every Can Counts made their first appearance at Electric Picnic 2012. The waste contractors, Ryans Cleaning specialists and Panda Waste were busy around the site physically collecting cans and setting up recycling points, whilst Every Can Counts were there to support such activities by incentivising recycling, engaging with festival goers and encouraging them to bring their empties to one of our Every Can Counts Recycling Bins.

This year Every Can Counts is back at the Picnic, bigger and better. They hope the weather will be as good as last Summer and they will be able to enjoy the rays while collecting as many cans 'on the go' as they can!

With the help of organisers Festival Republic Every Can Counts shall again be providing on the spot prizes for recycling your cans as well as entry into an online competition on Facebook for 2 tickets to Electric Picnic 2015 - for all those who collect cans onsite and hit their 4 shots on goal! Like & Share on the Every Can Counts Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Come and meet Every Can Counts at Electric Picnic in the Global Green, where they can recycle your cans on the spot and at all the recycling points onsite - just take a photo of yourself recycling onsite, to be in with a chance to win 2 tickets for Electric Picnic 2015!