• Electric Picnic 2014 is now SOLD OUT!

    Red Bull Music Academy returns!

    Body&Soul at Electric Picnic 2014


Because ordinary people like us all around the world bought Fairtrade Certified products in 2012/13 an estimated extra Ä84,000,000 was earned by producers! Thatís the Power of You.

And in Ireland we have a great record of supporting Fairtrade with about 80% of Irish people believing that companies have a responsibility to address issues of poverty in their supply chains. The Electric Picnic 2014 is leading the way. As well as requesting the traders on site to serve Fairtrade Certified coffee, tea and cocoa, there will be plenty of opportunities to sample other Fairtrade products at the Picnic.

If the Electric Picnic proves anything, it proves that itís possible to enjoy yourself Ė and still make a difference to others - we are the first Fairtrade music festival in the world!

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