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Lost Children

If a child is found, please notify the nearest steward immediately who will radio the Electric Picnic Control Centre. A member of the Gardai will then go to the location of the lost child. A parent who has lost a child should follow the same procedure, making contact with nearest steward who will contact the Electric Picnic Control Centre.

- We advise that all parents write their mobile numbers on a childís wristband, which are available from the Family Campsite and Soul Kids area. Remember to check this each day to ensure it's still legible.

- Always hold hands or carry your children through busy areas.

- Educate your children on what to do if they get separated from you. Advise them to stay where they are and not to move or go with anyone until a Garda or Steward approaches them. They should indicate their phone number to the Garda or Steward.

- Please register your children here

Important Notice: Those wishing to stay in the 'Family Campsites' must be accompanied by children 12 years or younger. No single or groups of adults without children will be admitted entry. The Family campsites are restricted in space and therefore must be reserved solely for families with children. Extended family and relatives with no children must camp in general campsites.

Children must be accompanied by Parent/Guardian at ALL times