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Trailer Park

Trailer Park – exclusive to Electric Picnic – pays homage to the humble holiday caravan, the glittering airstream, the vaudeville circus van, and the wild imaginations unearthed in the spectacular ‘Art Caravan’ competition... Trailer Park is a mobiletropolis, an incongruous theatrical enclosure made of joined-up, stacked campers, vintage caravans, stylised mobile homes, reconditioned retro trailers, and an eccentric community of performers, stylers, feeders and imbibers, miniature restaurants, wacked-out cultural clinicians, oddball vaudevillians, exotic hula dancers, burlesquettes, acrobat clownsters, and a cluster of three-legged dogs.

We would like to invite you to add to the mayhem next year, to bring your own caravan or mobile home dream to life, and host it at the Electric Picnic 2015. We need people with steam coming out of their ears - with a practical mind full of impractical ideas – who’d like to run away with the circus. We expect to announce details of the 2015 Art caravan competition shortly, but do let us know if you already have us in your sights.

And we need musicians! The main CARAVAN STAGE in Trailer Park plays host to bands in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and lavatory of a mobile home. Highlights from 2014 included rock’n’rollers The Whereabouts, Pearl TN, and The Trampz, the bluesy tones of Clive Barnes, foot-stomping favourites Mikey and the Scallywags, Kevin Doyle’s rockabilly Elvis homage The Way It Was, and breathtaking shows from White Chalk and Tucan.

Doors are open to hear from musicians who might fit the bill for next year - contact trailerparkstage@gmail.com or visit us on our Trailer Park Facebook page.

Trailer Park is going to be back, and with it we hope to host the wonderful JUNK KOUTURE fashion show, the newly curated TRAILER PARK TIKI BAR, the MOVEMBER BARBERSHOP to offer gents (hell, ladies too) facial hair aid for the weekend, JIMMIE LEE'S JUKE JOINT uber authentic gumbo, CATHY DAVEY’S My Lovely Ranch, CAR-AU-VIN (a Provencal wine cave, where a sommelier and a comedian (identities not revealed) take patrons through a tasting of fine wines), David Sumray’s THE INCREDIBLY MAD DE-PROGRAMMING MACHINE, the deeply hilarious CARAVANAOKE, Dermot Agnew’s show-stopping CARAVAN CLUB EXTRAVAGANZA, the Bombay bombshell that is LORD GANESH’S LARDER, and Science Gallery’s MOBILE MAKESHOP.

TRAILER PARK: there's no moving us on